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All players must be registered with USA Hockey.  Please follow the link below to register with USA Hockey.

Registering for U12 Girls ADD-ON program

If your daughter is planning on playing U12, please plan on having them register below.  Please remember that U12 is an ADD-ON program so the expectation is that your daughter will be playing House League or travel as well as U12.  House or Travel commitments should take priority over U12 girls.  The U12 will be a chance for the girls to practice together and have a few games and hopefully a tournament together.  

Registration For Mite/Senior House

Need to Borrow Equipment for Mite or Senior House?

Please click on the link below and pay $100.  This payment is simply a deposit for the equipment and when you return the equipment, we will refund you the $100.  We want to make sure access to equipment is easy and accessible, but we need to also make sure people return so the next person has the same opportunity.  Thanks for taking advantage of this opportunity.

Calendar Winners!!

Congrats to the 2019-20 Calendar Winners!!!

1. Grace-Ann Tornovish
2. Henry Schroeder
3. Sarah minella re-donated back to jasper
4. Ben Gull
5. Paul Daniel II
6. Milton guillen 
7. Jay Russo
8. Joanna Berger 
9. Erin Carson

10. Brianne Holdgate
11. Jenn king
12. Bisy stancheva
13. Sasha Ross
14. Leigh Bartlett
15. Tom Mosscrop
16. Kathleen Baird
17. Edie Constable

18. Phil Guidrey
19. Johnna Holland
20. Candy Miller
21. Sarah Gasper
22. Olivia Gallugi
23. Suzanne Davis
24. Benjamin Jenkinson
25. Joe cooper
26. Michael burns 
27. Lisa Gulley
28. Pete Landry
29. Sean Dyer
30. Mary Haley

Our year end house celebration!  What an amazing season!