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All players must be registered with USA Hockey.  Please follow the link below to register with USA Hockey.

NYH Mission Statement

Nantucket Youth Hockey is an organization dedicated to fostering, advancing, and developing participation in the sport of ice hockey.  We believe every Nantucket child age 4-18 years old has the right to learn fundamentals of the sport in an environment that encourages safety, self-discipline, good sportsmanship and teamwork.  We believe as an organization we need to provide the most-qualified adult leadership so our athletes can learn from our example.  We recognize that all involved with NYH represent this community; we strive to represent it well.

Nantucket House Development Program

This Fall we will be offering a Mite House Development Program and a Senior House Development Program.  These are in house options, with no travel designed to help the young and developing players in our organization have a chance to stay active on the ice.

The Mite House (Junior) Development Program will be similar to years past but focused on a bit younger ages (5-8) with the intent to keep like age groups together.  This program will start 11/6 and will be following the Bruins LTP program.  The Cost will be $650 for 3 sessions per week through February.  

Monday 5-5:50

Wednesday 5-5:50

Friday 5-5:50

This year we are adding 

The Senior House Development Program  is for kids ages 9-15.  This program is for kids both new to hockey/skating as well for those kids who want to continue to play hockey and develop their skills but are not ready to travel or choose not to travel. It is a very inclusive program with expert coaching

This program will start 11/15 and run 2 sessions a week through the end of February. But kids can join at anytime!  The cost will be $500 but the first few weeks are free just to try it. If scholarships are needed, please ask!  All equipment is available, so all you need to do is show up! that said is it does take20 or so minutes to get outfitted so please stop by the rink before and ask Will Datilio for help.

ANY QUESTIONS: please call Corey Gammill at 203-962-8867 or email

Registration will be available by October 2nd for both programs.

Calendar Raffle Winner

Name Gift Player
Ethan Fey Island Variety Lyla Larivee
Derek Zenga Straight Wharf Marley Perry
Whitney Conrad Seagrille Brenan Conrad
Katherine Geoghegan Pip & Anchor Charlotte Hull-Beardsley
Jeanne Cohane Hub Will Foster
Baumgartner (NANA) ?? Faregrounds Jake Gault
Bryant Shapiro ACK GIFT BAGS & EVENTS Sara OBanion
Margaret Mock Muse Lorelei Fox
Shawn Green Core Will Foster
Ian Grahm Lemon Press ?
Beth Fox Darya Lorelei Fox
Marin Coulon BYB Jimmy V
Claud Shrock Charlie Noble Mastriano
Jackie Hughes Kitty's Sara OBanion
Amy Masterson Town/Queequegs Brayden Perry
Dana Vrgneoan Brotherhood Jackson Agnello
Tess Anderson Epernay Fisher Sullivan
Carlson Island Kitchen Jack W
Sarah Lavin Tavern Ronan Devine
Mike Delay Hyline Lyla Larivee
Logan Gomes Steamship Henry Schroeder
Jim Sullivan Rose n Crown Brenan Condrad
Tracy Griffin Fusaro's Charlotte Hull-Beardsley
Seamus McAclle Nantucket Hotel Mastriano's
Greg Furtado Or the Whale Parker Furtado
Ken Brasfield Stop n Shop Sawyer Amaral
Marco Albano Siam to Go ?
Rosemary Topham The Greeen Charlie Bois
Matt Lamb RJ Miller Zoey Lamb
Sharon Raab Wicked
Kristen Dussault Proprietors Lewis Ray