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All players must be registered with USA Hockey.  Please follow the link below to register with USA Hockey.

Calendar Raffle Winners

1 Meghan Corcoran (sold by Lydia Johnson)
2 Cindy Dorman
3 Fabricio Decarolli (sold by Patrick Norris)
4 Colin Bixby (sold by Parker Furtado)
5 Sue Gambee
6 Judy Beamish (sold by Brock Beamish)
7 Melissa Wing (sold by Harrison Latter)
8 Brianne Holdgate (sold by Charlie Bois)
9 Liz Camp (sold by Andrew Lavin)
10 Claire Latter (sold by Harrison Latter)
11 Richard Larrabee (sold by Joe Larrabee)
12 Sarah Bois (sold by Charlie Bois)
13 Jill Vozzella (sold by Brayden Perry)
14 Jason & Vanessa Larrabee (sold by Joe Larrabee)
15 Kris Ebanks (sold by Bennett Latter)
16 Betsy Larrabee (sold by Andrew Lavin)
17 Ted Treanor (sold by Charlie Bois)
18 Cyd Cohen (sold by Lydia Johnson)
19 Ed Moreau (sold by Andrew Lavin)
20 Don Sparks (sold by Patrick Norris)
21 Alyssa Jenkinson (sold by Jenkinson Boys)

Please remember to follow the Rules/Policies outlined by Nantucket Ice

- There will be no loitering around the rink prior to your practice/game.  The rink will only admit players 15 minutes before they are scheduled to take the ice. 

- There is only one way to enter the rink and a separate exit door to the right of Siam to Go.  Please obey all directional signs. 

- All players should be fully dressed prior to arrival at the rink.  Only skates, gloves and helmets should be carried into the rink.  At this time, no hockey bags will be permitted inside the rink.

- Only one parent or guardian per player will be allowed in the rink to help the player to finish getting ready to take the ice.  If that parent/guardian is staying to watch, he/she must proceed directly to the stands and sit in the designated spectator section. No one is allowed to watch standing up against the glass.

- Players will be directed where to sit prior to their practice, and must remain there until the coach instructs them to move to the ice.  There will be no running around, walking over to talk to teammates, etc. 

- All players, coaches and parents must wear a mask or face covering when not on the ice. If a player is taking a face-off, they must have a face covering over their mouth and nose during this time.  

- All players must have their own water bottle.  No one is permitted to share during practice, games or preparation time.

- Every player and parent must exit the rink immediately after their session.  The warm area will not be open, and no one is permitted to stay longer than their own practice/game.

2020-2021 House Mite Registration


For all players born between 2012-2016, NYH will be offering an in-house Mite program.  This program will be made up of both practice/skills sessions, as well as, small area 3v3 games.  

Registration will open on Sept. 21st with the season starting the week of Oct. 19th.

Our year end house celebration!  What an amazing season!

Coaches have kept sports alive in 2020. Has your kid's coach helped them through this crisis?Nominate them   for a chance to win $2500!