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All players must be registered with USA Hockey.  Please follow the link below to register with USA Hockey.


If you are interested in selling calendars for the 2020-21 Hockey Season, please click on the link below.  Just like last year, it will cost you $25 per child to have the calendars printed up.

NYH provides the opportunity for players to sell calendars to raise money for NYH and to pay for their tuition.  The way it works is you register for the calendars and once they are printed we will either deliver to you or have you pick them up at the rink.  If you/your child sell all of their calendars they than give the money to NYH and their tuition is paid for.  Typically kids sell calendars at the Stop and Shop, Brewery and downtown.  Obviously this summer might be more difficult, but we did not want to take the opportunity away from kids who wanted to reduce the cost of hockey.

As a reminder, this is set up for travel and house league!



Registrations for travel hockey 2020-21 season

At this point and it is subject to change: Evaluations will take place Tuesday March 24th and Thursday March 26th. 

Below is the registration form for Evaluations for the 2020-21 travel hockey season season that will begin in September 2020. Only those interested in committing to a full season of travel play should register.  These evaluations are for squirt and peewee aged travel players. Squirt is 10-and-Under('10,'11 birth years), and peewee is 12-and-Under('08, '09 birth years).

Any questions please ask the board. 


Our year end house celebration!  What an amazing season!