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All players must be registered with USA Hockey.  Please follow the link below to register with USA Hockey.

NYH Mission Statement

Nantucket Youth Hockey is an organization dedicated to fostering, advancing, and developing participation in the sport of ice hockey.  We believe every Nantucket child age 4-18 years old has the right to learn fundamentals of the sport in an environment that encourages safety, self-discipline, good sportsmanship and teamwork.  We believe as an organization we need to provide the most-qualified adult leadership so our athletes can learn from our example.  We recognize that all involved with NYH represent this community; we strive to represent it well.

2023-24 NYH Bruins LTP and NYH LTP

Bruins Learn to Play hosted by NYH!

Starting October 16th and running for 6 dates on 10/16,10/18,10/23,10/25,10/30 and 11/1 Nantucket Youth Hockey will be hosting the Bruins Learn to Play Hockey from 5-5:50 pm.

This Program is available to ALL kids between 5-10!  All you need is a USA hockey number which is on our website.  If you need equipment sign up for the Bruins Learn to Play here: If you did bruins Learn to play last year, you are all set. 

Nantucket House Development Program

This Fall we will be offering a Mite House Development Program and a Senior House Development Program.   These are in house options, with no travel designed to help the young and developing players in our organization have a chance to stay active on the ice.

The Mite House Development Program will be similar to years past but focused on a bit younger ages (5-8) with the intent to keep like age groups together.  This program will start 11/6 and will be following the Bruins LTP program.  The Cost will be $650 for 3 sessions per week through February.

This year we are adding 

The Senior House Development Program which will be focused on ages 9-14.  This is for those kids who want to continue to play hockey and develop their skills but are not ready to travel or choose not to travel. This program will start 10/13 and run 2 sessions a week through the end of February.  The cost will be $500.  All equipment is available.

Registration will be available by October 2nd for both programs.