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STARTS OCT. 17 @ 5PM!!!

  • First 2 weeks of House Mite Hockey are free!
  • ​​​​​​​Formal Season starts Nov. 6th 
  • If you have not already signed up please follow the link to the right!
  • Need equipment? Email



Nantucket Youth Hockey Gear & Clothing

Order NYH gear & clothing!

HEADS UP Information

Protect kids and teens by raising awareness and informing action to improve prevention, recognition, and response to concussion and other serious brain injuries.

We have a new mailing address:

Nantucket Youth Hockey

P.O Box 2166

Nantucket, MA 02584



House Mite Program

Interested in House Mite Hockey? Please follow the registration link below and complete.  Did your child play last year? Still complete the registration so that all information is updated and correct!

Calendar Winners

Did you purchase a calendar from one of our athletes? Winners are listed below the calendar and will be updated as they are announced!

Nantucket Youth Hockey Calendar 2017

Calendar Winners

Sept. 1: Hudson Perry                               Sept. 2: Suzanne Davis
Sept. 3: Kameron Dew                               Sept. 4: Big E
Sept. 5: Kelly Donovan                              Sept. 6: Liam Scarlet
Sept. 7: Joyce Jaskula                               Sept. 8: Heidi Haigh
Sept. 9: Gina Henke                                   Sept. 10: Jay & Michelle Starr
Sept. 11: Carl Borchert                               Sept. 12: Nancy Goulde
Spet. 13: Stacey Williams                          Sept. 14: Alan Mann
Sept. 15: Trisha Trott                                 Sept. 16: Amanda Furtado
Sept. 17: Daniela Petkova                          Sept. 18: Rachel Slosek
Sept. 19: Holland Family                            Sept. 20: Dusty Ramos
Sept. 21: John Dolan                                  Sept. 22: Mia Beaudette
Sept. 23: Lucy Leske                                  Sept. 24: Rich Perry
Sept. 25: Karen Gotlieb                               Sept. 26: Kathleen Herbert
Sept. 27: Suzanne Davis                             Sept. 28: Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Sept. 29: Sarah Rusell                                 Sept. 30: Dave Humer



Nantucket Youth Hockey on FaceBook

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The Nantucket Youth Hockey Board is accepting applications for


Go to the NYH Forms tab listed above and fill out the application.  Completed applications can be dropped off at Nantucket Ice Rink, to Carol Evens, or emailed to